How to lock garage doors? Complete DIY Guide

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    how to lock garage doors

    These are some things to think about, but ultimately, consulting experts is your best thing when it comes to choosing the right garage door lock. Based on what you tell them and your budget, a professional garage door company will be able to assess the risks and make a recommendation. Here in this article, I will tell you How to lock garage doors?

    Choosing the best garage door lock is more than just liking the sound of it. You should always consider what is best for your garage door type, as this will ensure that you are counteracting any potential weaknesses that thieves may try to exploit.

    You may also want to consider:

    • Your budget in relation to the value of what you keep in your garage
    • Your living environment (seaside properties see more corrosion)
    • The number of locks required
    • If you want a visual deterrent,
    • How frequently do you require quick and easy access?

    Types of Garage Door Locks

    • T Handle lock
    • Side lock
    • Keyless lock

    T Handle lock

    This lock has a handle in the center that extends all the way through the door. A T-bar lock allows a key to be used from the outside of the garage to gain access to a locked door. When the garage door is the only way into the garage, these locks are required by code. For example, the garage is separate from the house and lacks a man door. This is almost never the case. Because these locks necessitate drilling through a panel and are time-consuming to install, few companies still offer them. The locks can be purchased at a hardware store, but not the bars.

    Side lock

    These locks are most commonly used on doors that require a manual lock today. However, if your garage door is the only way into the garage, installing this type of lock is against the law. These locks are screwed onto the door’s end stile and feature a short bar that slides into the track when pushed. They also have a hole in the bar that allows for the installation of a padlock, which adds an additional layer of security. We recommend installing one on each side of a double door. These are available at a big box hardware store and are inexpensive and simple to install.

    Keyless locks

    Keyless locks are the way to go for a great locking system that uses cutting-edge technology. They come in a variety of forms – fingerprint readers, pin codes, and remote controls – but because they lack a standard keyhole, they cannot be picked. It also means that the door lock has mechanical gears, making it more difficult to force.

    Lock garage door from outside

    Install a lock handle with the spindle inserted into the square hole next to the operating lever to lock the slide lock from the outside. Turn the handle 90 degrees to lock the slide lock after installation. This will cause the operating lever to turn and the bolt to extend into the locked position. The door is now locked.

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