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    Garage doors protect your car and garage from weather conditions and unauthorized entries.

    The usual garage door used in residential garages is an overhead door that opens from the ground up to the ceiling.

    It uses rollers that travel along the tracks of each side, assisted by springs and cables through the opener.

    Basically, that’s how a garage door works.

    You should expect a smooth movement that lasts for about 12-15 seconds, depending on your garage door’s weight.

    If you notice that the system is having a hard time lifting the garage door, one possible reason is an off-the-track garage door.

    It requires a garage door track adjustment from a professional.

    Fix&Go Sacramento is here to take your garage door back on track.

    We are a team of certified technicians who can conduct a garage door repair in Sacramento.

    If you are wondering how garage door professionals perform a garage door track adjustment, here are the steps:

    Test the Overhead Door

    First, your garage door technician will assess the balance of the overhead door through testing.

    It can diagnose the problem more accurately so that the garage door technician can set adjustment plans.

    Moreover, by testing the garage door, it can confirm if the tracks are really the problem.

    Note that broken springs or cables and a damaged opener can also cause an off-the-track garage door.

    Clean Debris

    One of the possible reasons why your garage door moves in an unbalanced manner is the dirt accumulated in the tracks.

    Although debris is not the main contributor to an unbalanced overhead door, preparing a garage door track adjustment is the perfect opportunity to clean the tracks.

    That way, you can prevent further damage to other parts from debris buildup along the tracks.

    Adjust the Tracks

    There are two usual instances when you need a garage door track adjustment — binding and rubbing garage doors.

    Each issue requires different procedures to fix the tracks.

    Binding Garage Door

    A binding garage door means that the overhead door is having a hard time opening or closing — like there’s some force stopping its movement.

    Here are the steps on how to adjust the tracks of a binding garage door:

    • Using a screwdriver, loosen the bolts that secure the track brackets.
    • Align the garage door tracks with the rollers by tapping the tracks with a rubber mallet.
    • Tighten the track screws while making sure that they will hold the tracks more securely.

    Rubbing Garage Door

    A rubbing garage door means that the overhead door is in contact with the door molding as it moves along the tracks.

    Here are the steps on how to adjust the tracks of a rubbing garage door:

    • Loosen the track bolts using a screwdriver.
    • Adjust the tracks to achieve 1/2-3/4 inches distance between the tracks and the door while leaving no gaps between the door and the rubber molding.
    • Tighten the screws once again.

    Trust your garage door track adjustment with Fix&Go Sacramento.

    Our team guarantees a hassle-free and error-free adjustment process.

    Top-notch Garage Door Services in Sacramento

    Fix&Go Sacramento is a reputable and unrivaled garage door service provider in Sacramento.

    Our mission is to bring high-quality garage door services at the most reasonable prices.

    Your garage door concerns are our number one priority.

    Our garage door track adjustment is just one of the garage door services we can offer.

    We continue to develop our garage door repair in Sacramento in seeking solutions to your garage door concerns.

    Now, we can offer almost all of the garage door repair services, such as:

    • Roller repair
    • Unbalanced door repair
    • Stuck garage door troubleshoot
    • Dent repair
    • Opener reception upgrade
    • Garage door unlocking
    • …and many more!

    Furthermore, our garage door installation in Sacramento also includes replacement of the following parts:

    • Tracks
    • Rollers
    • Springs (Torsion and Extension)
    • Chains
    • Cables
    • Hinges
    • Fasteners
    • Safety sensor
    • Opener (all kinds of model)
    • Garage door

    So, don’t hesitate to contact our team for a garage door repair or garage door installation in Sacramento.

    One-Call-Away Garage Door Technicians in Sacramento

    As our promise to serve Sacramento residents who are in dire need, Fix&Go Sacramento is available 24/7!

    You are just one call away from affordable and state-of-the-art garage door services in Sacramento.

    Ask for a quote, and we will be happy to fill it out with the most reasonable rates.

    Top-quality, budget-friendly, quick, and efficient garage door installation or garage door repair in Sacramento — that’s our guarantee.

    Hurry and call our garage door technicians now!

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